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5 Killer Gmail Apps and Integrations for Small Business


Gmail is one of the most popular email providers. One story reported that Google has over 500 million users after launching just over ten years ago.

For small businesses, Gmail is available as part of the Google Apps For Work package. You can use the Google suite of services (Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more) to manage the communication and cloud needs of your company.

One of the great benefits to doing so is the community around Gmail. There are a number of developers that have built add-on apps specifically to make Gmail even more valuable to business owners and users.

Here is a list of five great Gmail apps that will make Gmail even more valuable to you and your business.

  1. Rapportive

Rapportive, one of the most aptly-named integrations we’ve come across, essentially provides a dossier on your contacts so that you can expand your network effortlessly.

After installing Rapportive, those annoying Gmail sidebar ads will be replaced with a profile about whomever you communicate with, including information about their profession and employer, location, and shared connections. With this information readily available, you’ll save time on searching social media profiles and grow your network faster than before. Take a look at Rapportive’s site to learn more, or click here to install it and try it out.

  1. Boomerang For Gmail

Ah, the dreaded inbox—the bane of every business-owner’s existence, and yet so necessary. If your inbox gives you hives, give Boomerang—whose motto is “Let’s conquer your inbox”—a try.

This inbox miracle has multiple features to improve your inbox function and, by extension, your mental health. Boomerang hides emails from your inbox until you need them, whether it’s an email from a client or a travel conformation. The integration can also schedule emails to be sent at certain times, and reminds you to send follow-up emails after certain periods of time.

Scheduling is completely customizable: this app works with the rhythm of your business and your life. Not amazing enough yet (even after reading a few glowing reviews?) It’s also available on mobile.

3. Follow Up CC

Used by major companies like Sotheby’s and Grooveshark, this powerhouse integration is similar to Boomerang and works great for Gmail users. Like Boomerang, Follow Up Cc’s features include scheduling email to send as needed, as well as follow-up alerts.

In addition, Follow Up CC alerts you if emails haven’t been responded to after a certain period of time, so that nothing slips through the cracks.

This integration has a few advantages over its aforementioned competitor: it includes open tracking, which means that you can see who opens your email, when, and how often, and also integrates with your calendar so that you won’t forget important dates. Available for mobile, IT-free, and starts at just $4 per month.

4. Streak.com

Did you know that it’s possible to integrate customer relationship management with your Gmail inbox? Streak is a CRM app used by hot companies like Uber and Yelp that eliminates the need for outside organization tools like Post-its and whiteboards.

Starting at only $19 per month, Streak wants to help you “run your entire business from your inbox,” and they certainly have enough features to do it. You might already be trying to do this with Gmail, but Streak makes it easier and more effective for your business.

In addition to featuring email scheduling and view tracking, Streak easily organizes communication flow by sorting messages to distinguish in-progress deals from closed ones, rearranging messages with the “thread splitter” tool, and tracking conversations with investors. The tools Streak offers are too numerous to mention here, so head to their beautifully designed website to see for yourself.

5. Insightly

This CRM integration for Gmail, number one for small businesses, means business. Like a champ, Insightly provides Gmail inbox contact information, features project management tools, and allows for multiple micro- and macro-views of your business operations.

This app is especially well-suited to users to want to integrate their CRM with other business applications like Quickbooks. A standard plan is only $7 per month, so you can take your business to the next level without bottoming out your budget.

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