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E-commerce Review – Bellroy.com

I am very excited about our new E-commerce review, and we hope that you will get some ideas and inspiration from this.

The goal of this E-commerce review is to see how smooth the user experience is and how quick and simple the buying process is.

Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions. We would love to hear from you!

This week, we chose to buy a wallet from Bellroy.com as we liked their site and we wanted to explore it. Bellroy is an Australian-based company that creates super slim wallets and travel accessories.

Lets go to Bellroy.com

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Bellroy in any shape or form and our feedback on the store is based on our personal thoughts and ideas and not on any data obtained from Bellroy..

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The first thing I see is a lovely image of different leather wallets. Good! I am in the right place.

Next thing I notice is that they ship to Sweden, which is excellent as I do not need to waste time searching for shipping information. Not every store ships to Europe.

The homepage has a good CTA in the middle of the page and above the fold; I do not have to think twice about what to do next. The Cart is also visible, which is a good thing.

Let’s scroll and have a look at the rest of the site.


The navigation throughout the site is excellent. Both Shop & Explore allow me to view more product combinations within a secondary menu. Nice!

How much is shipping and how long does it take? It would be nice if the We ship to Sweden link was linked to the shipping prices.

The search button is not very prominent, but I like that it is next to the cart.

We love the beautiful product categories; they entice you to want to know more.

Chat is available on the site, which is very good. I love chats as it usually saves me a lot of time when I have questions.

The About tab is also useful, but it is a bit surprising that there are so many pages below About.

There is a beautiful yet big footer, and it is also a plus that the contact email is visible on every page.

All in all, the site has a very lovely Homepage with all the information required.

Let’s go to men’s wallets from the home page ->

Product Category Page

The site has a very well designed Product Category page, but I am a bit confused about all the choices as I just wanted to buy a wallet. I usually am easily distracted so fewer options could improve conversion.

  • The second menu is very easy to use as it allows me to easily navigate back to the wallets I came to buy.
  • Comparing colors is very easy, and another big plus is that you can get a rough idea of how much will fit into your new wallet. Do people still carry cash?
  • I like clear and simple CTAs so I would have preferred a small buy button in the right corner of every product.
  • It is not very clear what RFID is and why I should care about it.

Let’s choose a Note Sleeve wallet and find a beautiful color on the product page.

Product Page

Once at the product page, a nice product video starts to play. I usually do not like autoplay, but this works really well. There are 8 images below the video, so if you prefer to see the product in different positions, you can quickly check them here.

I am pleased with all the color choices; you can easily check the different colors in different positions. Although this is a minor issue, all the images are displayed below the video so it’s not very clear that the images change color.

  • The images are displayed on a white background. You can enlarge every image and you can easily compare the colors at any wallet position.
  • There is a big and clear CTA above the fold.
  • They provide free shipping! I am happy that they remind their clientele that they can acquire their products for free.
  • Bellroy also gives me the option to get the wallet quicker for a reasonable 8 Euros. It is good to know how many days it will take.
  • They have great breadcrumbs, which makes it easy to navigate through the site.
  • Bellroy has excellent product details including size and warranty. You can also read more about the materials, which is a plus.
  • Displayed are large image with all the notes and cards that fit into the wallet.
  • They also show which colors that are out of stock.
  • They have a social proof from Aquire magazine (this could have been highlighted better…).
  • The site showcases the benefits of each product with a large image and 3 interesting insights. We like benefits!
  • On mobile, the CTA on the product page says Checkout, which is a bit weird as I am reluctant to go to the Checkout page before I add something else to the Cart.


When I add the wallet to the Cart, it appears at the top right of the screen.

  • The product name has a clear icon with the number of items on the Cart.
  • It is good that there is an image so I can confirm that it is the right product.
  • No shipping information? Any tax?
  • I cannot adjust the quantity of products, but I guess it is ok with this kind of products.

Let’s proceed to the Checkout page ->


There are 4 clear steps to complete my purchase. Good!

  • Unambigious shipping information and it is easy to choose the shipping option that best suits me.
  • I appreciate that Bellroy added a link in the event that you want to read more about the Shipping.
  • There are 3 payment options, which is good, but what Credit and Debit cards can I use? Ideally, I want to see what options I have here.
  • They also have a State /Territory option, which is a plus. Usually, you can only choose a US state, which sucks if you live outside of the US.
  • It is great that they remind me of their 3-year warranty, which is a secure payment service.
  • The shipping address option is prefilled.
  • Why can I change the quantity of product in the Checkout page but not at the Cart?
  • Why is the shipping cost visible in the Checkout page but not at the Cart?
  • Ideally, the privacy link opens in a new window so users can stay on the page. Now, all my data disappears when I go back to Cart from the Privacy page.
  • PayPal did not work when I tried using it to pay.

Key takeaways from shopping at Bellroy.com

Lovely store with excellent images and useful information about the product and shipping. Well done Bellroy!

General thoughts about the site

  • The Customer Care pages are handy, and it’s easy to get in touch with Bellroy through email and chat.
  • Finding information about both Shipping and Returns is easy.
  • I love the footer; it covers everything I need to know. I prefer that in general merchants show as much information as possible.
  • Search is reasonable but could be great. It would be nice if they could add Autocomplete to help me find what I am searching for.
  • The Explore and Bundle tabs are great for upselling. I thought I only needed a wallet but I also needed a travel kit. I wish that you could click on the images to buy the products. This would be even better.
  • There could be more payment logos and social proof to make me trust the seller more.
  • The site feels quick and responsive to every click and mouse movement, but according to Pingdom, it could improve performance as its only in the top 55% with 3.56 seconds. The mobile version is also too slow according to Google.


Top 3 

  • Great product images & good video.
  • Well designed website that is clean and simple.
  • Clear and useful shipping and payment options.


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