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E-commerce Review – Everlane.com

Today, we have chosen to review Everlane.com, which is one of the most innovative e-commerce start-ups that we have seen.

Everlane sells upmarket clothes and accessories for men and women. Everlane got very popular partly because of their transparency on pricing and the story behind how it was started. Their mission is Radical Transparency.

Let’s go to Everlane.com to look for a nice new handbag!


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Everlane in any shape or form and our feedback on the store is based on our personal thoughts and ideas and not on any data obtained from Everlane.

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First Impression

Immediately you visit the site, a popup shows up on the screen, which is a bit discomforting. I do not mind signing up for newsletters and promotions but I first want to know what it is exactly I am signing up for.

I would suggest that they wait at least 30 seconds before showing this banner. What is in it for me? Why should I give you my email?

Let’s close this popup and give Everlane another chance. We really want to buy a new gorgeous bag. ->

Start Page

The header on the start page on Everlane.com is clean with a nice product image, we like it!

  • It has a simple navigation with a drop down menu and a visible CTA in the center above the fold.
  • However, the page is missing a search feature but it has a CTA for Handbags below the fold.
  • One can easily locate the Handbags category via the drop down menu under the Woman tab.
  • We love that Everlane mentions that they offer free shipping to Europe after a certain price point.
  • It would be nice though if they added a link to the shipping information in the footer section or if they placed a read more link next to the shipping offer on the grey menu.
  • There is a clear CTA for the best-selling products on the start page. It is always nice to see what products their customers love.
  • They could instill more trust in a customer by adding trust icons, product guarantees and social proof like reviews on the start page but their story (About tab) is really great so it speaks for itself. Lets choose our bag.

Product Category Page

The category page is nice and sharp with a great side menu.

  • View the handbag in action using mouse over.
  • We love the Quick Add feature as one can easily add products to the Cart if you know what you want.
  • The breadcrumb feature is nice. We know where we are and so we can easily navigate back.
  • We can also see how many colors they have available for each product
  • It is really nice that you can browse through bags of every color here, especially when you want to compare different kinds of bags.
  • However, I would suggest that they make all colors visible.
  • You can also save your favorite bags to your account. It is a great way to get people to create an account.

The Day Magazine Tote bag looks really nice. Let’s pick a color ->


Product Page

There is so much to like about this page!

  • There is a nice big image of the product + additional images above the fold. We appreciate that you can check the different colors in such a simple manner.
  • There are videos! Everybody loves videos and it works especially well for handbags as you can see how big it actually is and how much you can fit in.
  • 1186 reviews + great ratings for this bag. We love this. (Everlane could however show the reviews on the start page and/or on the Category page as well. Its gold)
  • The retail price comparison makes me feel like175 USD is a pretty good price. Nonetheless, I did not see that the Retail text was a link until after a second look but it is probably a good thing to keep it as is.
  • There is a list of details about the product, which is very good.
    • Made in Italy 🇮🇹
    • We like that they show the contact email and link to the factory, which opens in a new tab. Good stuff.
  • Transparent pricing is also a big big win for me; I really like this feature. We would love to see this image even earlier in the user journey.
  • We like that they show people who bought this item also bought… This is a simple but very useful feature that every great product page should have.
  • Nevertheless, it would be cool to show delivery times here so we know when we will get our new bag.

Let’s choose the cognac color and add the bag to the Cart.

Cart / Bag

Clear Cart in the top right corner.

  • It is good that they show images and the names of colors.
  • You can change quantity.
  • There is information on free shipping for US clients. 👍
  • Please add shipping information for International customers.

Let’s go to Checkout and pay!

Checkout part 1

We got a little bit confused here. Is this page really necessary as it has the same information as the Cart on the product page?

Let’s move on to the next page and pay! 

Checkout part 2

There are 4 clear steps in this Checkout, good!

  • Add email (Step 1)
  • Please do not force me to create an account… ok, I really want this handbag so let’s continue. (2)
  • Consider offering Guest accounts as statistics show** that conversion and sales will probably increase when users do not need to create an account.
  • I would like to get news meant for both men and women, so maybe change this subscription feature so I can subscribe to both?
  • It is nice that my country is preselected. (3)
  • Autosuggestion for my address is really helpful and it autocompletes my city and county as well. Well done!
  • The price for shipping is not what I expected. (4)
  • I would love to see the cost of shipping earlier. (It could be that a majority of Everlanes customers are based in the US, which makes this feature a non-priority)
  • It is good that they offer both Paypal and Credit Cards payment options but it would be better if they showed the logos of the cards I can use.
  • No back button to Shipping?

Key takeaways from shopping at Everlane.com

We really like this store as it is very clean and simple with a good navigation system.

  • Their cool story on Radical Transparency really makes us trust the brand and their products.
  • I would change the About-tab to Radical Transparency as it is such a powerful concept. Most e-commerce stores have a boring About Us-page that people normally avoid. It would be unfortunate if new visitors to Everlane.com missed out on this great story.
  • They have a good Contact and FAQ page where we can find answers to everything we need but they should consider adding a Shipping link in the footer section.
  • We especially love the well-designed product page as it has great images and a very useful video on the bag we wanted to buy.
  • It is extremely easy to compare colors and other bags.
  • Everything looks really good on phone as well as on desktop; easy navigation with clear CTAs. Top!
  • If they could delay the initial popup, this would be a perfect buying experience.

Top 3

  • The product page. We love the the whole page, especially the productimages and video. It is really nice that you can scroll and see the handbag in different ways and that you also see the whole strategy behind the pricing.
  • The Story: Radical Transparency. Hopefully, this can inspire more brands to follow in Everlanes example.
  • The Reviews. (Why not show them on the home page and landing pages as well?)

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