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E-commerce Review – Pipcorn @ Pipsnacks.com

Next Review is from another cool E-commerce startup called Pipsnacks.

Pipsnacks was featured on Shark Tank and they sell tasty Pipcorns in different flavours. We are exited to se how their buying experience is.

Lets go to Pipsnacks.com and buy some Pipcorns!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Pipsnacks in any shape or form and our feedback on the store is based on our personal thoughts and ideas and not on any data obtained from Pipsnacks.

First Impression

Where am I? What can I buy here?

There is a big picture of people eating popcorn, so it looks like we come to the right place!

  • The main value prop on the logo and in the text is also very distinct: Delicious Mini Popcorn.
  • We like that they go straight to discussing the main benefits of their Popcorn in the header section, which helps us understand why their product is different and better as compared to other popcorn alternatives.
  • It is quite smart that they use their appearance on the show, Shark tank, as a prominent social proof as they probably have a similar target group.
  • There is a big but well-defined CTA in the middle of the page and a Store tab on the menu.
  • The chat feature is very reliable as the support team replies quickly to any questions that arise.

We need to find out how to acquire our Pipcorn, so let’s scroll through the rest of the website and see if we can find some shipping information.


Nice start, they have paid special attention to detail on this page. Every module has a clear purpose and goal.

    • We are big fans of “Best selling products” section as it helps us discover the most popular flavors.
    • There is a video section at the bottom with their #mini-moments# campaign. In this section, some customers share their best experiences with Pipcorn. This is a great concept as it confirms how Pipcorn is different from normal popcorn.
    • The footer is nice and clear, we like that they show the logos of all payment options.
    • However, the shipping information is missing. We would love to see a link to Shipping and Delivery so we know how much it will cost and how long it will take.
    • We would also love to see a section with more info about their background story and the actual product. The short value prop may not be enough to convince everyone to make a purchase.

Let’s scroll up and get some Pipcorns on the Shop button in the header.

Product Category Page

Here, we find all the products they offer on the same page.

  •  There is a sort feature which is quite useful, but why is alphabetically the only sorting option available? It’s probably more relevant for the customer to sort by best-selling or by price but we can easily change this.
  • We are a bit confused about the size of the bags. Are the contents or weight different?
  • I suggest that they add the weight of each bag at the description section so I can compare bags and calculate how much I need.

Truffel pipcorns sound good, so let’s click on the 4-pack truffel bag.

Product Page

We like that they have a huge discount banner. 👍

  • But what is the actual offer? I am a bit confused here… “Buy one, get one 50% off on all orders!”. Let’s wait and see how this works; I guess we will see how the discounts are applied at the checkout page.
  • There is a large picture of the pipcorn I selected so I know I am in the right place.
  • I can change the quantity of items, which is good as I think I need 8 bags.
  • When I flip the image, I can see a summary of the nutrition facts and the ingredients of my product, which is quite important.
  • Below that is a short description of the product and further down is some delivery information. This could be more prominent.
  • There is an upsell module below that text that could be more relevant if they chose to adjust the text and the nutrition image so that they do not take up so much space and overshadow the module.
  • They could however try to add a CTA on the extra products so that users can add products without leaving this page.

Let’s add 8 bags to the Cart.

Cart 1

Pleasant popup with a details on price, product image and product name.

  • Nonetheless, there is still no information on the discount.
  • I hope they will not surprise me with extra taxes or shipping costs as surprises are very bad for conversion.

Let’s proceed to the Checkout page.

Cart 2

It looks like we are still at the Cart page, what is the actual goal here?

  • Should I pay with Paypal and/or Google Pay?

Let’s move on to the Checkout page so we can see if we can pay with Visa.


This page is well designed and pretty straightforward.

This is Shopify′s standard checkout and many buyers will identify with this, which is a good thing.✅

Let’s add our details and move on to Shipping.

Checkout – Shipping

Again, his detail-oriented page has a clear goal.

I love that they offer free shipping, but why have they not told us about shipping earlier? This could be an possible upsell as they have a low threshold.

  • What is Standard Shipping? How many days does it take? On the product page, we were informed that shipping could take UP TO 5 days, but if standard shipping is 3-5 days, then expedited shipping (2-4 days) is very similar.
  • Uncertainty is always bad for conversion, especially when it’s hard to know to know the value of expedited shipping.

Let’s pick Free shipping and move on to select our payment option.

Checkout – Payment

There are multiple payment options, which is great!

  • I love that they show the logos of the payment options so I can quickly choose my favorite card.
  • PayPal is always a popular alternative.
  • What happened to the Google Pay alternative from the Cart?
  • It is nice that they automatically recognize what card I use when I add my number.
  • Super easy to navigate to edit any information, we really love this feature!
  • Shopify have a smart feature where you can save your phone number (US). Next time you check out here or on other stores powered by Shopify, you’ll receive a code by SMS to securely purchase with Shopify Pay. This is probably very good for conversion.Let’s pay and wait for our Pipcorns!


  • Adjust the copy of the discount banner.
  • A link to Shipping and delivery information could be provided at the footer section and on all product pages. + Show Free Shipping information.
  • Highlight their background story and the benefits & advantages of Pipcorn on the start page. We love personal stories and it will help in differentiating this product to similar products.
  • We love their Instagram account. Therefore, implement more personal images from Instagram on the start page and product pages for inspiration.

Key takeaways from shopping at Pipsnacks.com

The first impression is great with a definitive value prop which allows me to understand what they are selling and why this product is better than normal popcorns.

The website is very well-designed with clear CTAs and visible products. We like their campaign on #minimoments as it adds extra personality to the brand.

The main missing item was information on shipping and delivery times. We would have liked to know the size/weight of each Pipcorn bag to know how much we need and compare prices.

All in all, we get a very good feeling about Pipcorns and we are really looking forward to trying our Truffel Pipcorns.

Get your own Pipcorns at Pipsnacks.com (not an affiliate link)

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