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We review your Ecommerce Store and give you a report with a list of actionable recommendations.

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Ecommerce Audit

This review is done by experienced ecommerce specialist and we will review the following steps of your store:

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First Impression

Category Page



Key Takeaways

Home Page

Product Page



Result Ecommerce Audit: We will provide you with an actionable report with a list of recommendations on how to optimize your Ecommerce Store.

Get an Actionable Audit of your Online Store

🥅 We review goals of every page

🎯 Is UX simple and clear?

✅ Get insights that can improve engagement and conversion

📋 You get a report with Actionable Improvements.

💯 We check simplicity of buying process

🛠 We recommend tools you can use

Get an actionable Review of your E-commerce Store, straight to your inbox.

Some of the benefits

✅ Get insights that can improve engagement and conversion

💯 We check simplicity of buying process

🥅 We review goals of every page

🎯 Is UX simple and clear?

🛠 We recommend tools you can use

📋 You get a report with Actionable Improvements.

We evaluate every important step in the User Journey on your Website

First Impression

We evaluate our first impression and the main Value prop. "What can i buy here? Why should I buy here?"

More about First Impression
  • Why am I here?
  • Why should I buy here than on other stores?
  • How do I buy?
  • When will I get my stuff?
    And much more..


Is the Homepage well designed with a clear goal?

More about Homepage
  • Can i find what i am looking for on this page?
  • Is the Value prop clear?
  • Is there a clear CTA?
  • What is the main goal of the Home page?
    And much more..


Is the Navigation easy to use? Can I find what I am looking for?

More about Navigation
  • Is it easy to move between Categories?
  • Search feature?
    And much more..


Category Page

We go through the Category page and check every part of it.

More about Category page
  • Easy to use?
  • Can i find the right product?
  • Nice images?
  • What is the main goal of the page?
    And much more..

Product page

We review the Product page an check if we get every information we need to feel confident to make a purchase.

More about Product page
  • Product images ok?
  • Clear CTA?
  • Product info available
  • Shipping / Delivery info
    And much more..

Cart & Checkout

We test the Checkout to see how easy it is to buy and if the shipping and payment info is sufficient.

More about Cart & Checkout
  • Cart Visible?
  • Shipping price
  • Payment options
  • Delivery times
  • Guest Checkout
    And much more..



We summarize our buying experience and give you constructive feedback.


More about Summary
  • What features did we like
  • Anything we were missing?
  • Could we find everything we needed?
  • What can be improved
  • Did we trust the company?
    And much more

List of Recommendations


We will share a list of recommendations plus a list of tools you can use to improve your Store.


More about Recommendations
  • List of things that can be improved
  • Actionable Ideas
  • Tools and apps that can be used

💥 Sample Audit 👇

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"We learned a lot from our Review and we could easily adjust the most important issues that we got feedback on.

Its really good to get an outside look from somebody that can give an honest and independent opinion.   


Kajsa C

E-commerce Manager, Coindereve.com

Answers to your questions

How does this work?

After you order we will ask you a few questions to get an understanding about your target group and main goal with website.

Then we get to work and review your e-commerce store in detail. When the review is done we will summarize our findings in a 2-page PDF-report that we will send you per email.

When will I receive the report?

We will send you the report within 3 working days.

What can I expect?

You will receive a 2-page PDF-report with feedback and insights about your e-commerce store that can improve engagement and conversion. Included is a list of actionable improvements and recommendations of tools you can use to improve your store.

Who are you?

We are a team of e-commerce experts that have worked with e-commerce, marketing and online sales for the last 15 years. We started this service as our clients wants frequent reviews for a resonable price.


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